Best Electric Smokers

Regular barbecue may be delicious, but there is nothing better than a rich flavor of smoked ribs, fish, beef brisket, and other delicious meats. But it takes some serious time and patience to properly smoke your foods for the best results. That’s where you need to have the best electric smoker. These smokers are ideal for the “set it and forget it” kind of food lovers. Electric smokers regulate and monitor temperature levels during the prolonged meat-smoking sessions. So, place your favorite food inside the smoker, set the desired temperature, and enjoy your party with family and friends.

However, there is one hell of a process to go through to find the best electric smoker for your needs. The market is flooded with different electric smokers offering unique features, which make it even harder to make the right decision. However, from the jungle of electric smokers, we have selected these 10 best electric smokers. Remember, we didn’t choose them at first glance, but we analyzed them for days based on the brand, feature, and user reviews. 

Best Electric Smokers - Top 10 Picks

1. Masterbuilt MB20071117 Electric Smoker


Masterbuilt MB20071117 Electric Smoker
ModelMasterbuilt MB20071117
Fuel TypeDigital Electric
Barbeque MaterialInsulated steel
Smoking Racks4
Wattage800 watts
Dimensions19″ W x 34″ H x 19″ D
Color CategoryBlack
Cooking Capacity711. sq
Max. Temperature275 °F

If you are looking for the best electric smoker under 300, this Masterbuilt model is a perfect choice for your budget. One of the best things about the Masterbuilt electric smoker is its premium built quality. From nut to wheels, everything used in these electric smokers is built to last for a long time.

It is simple to start and control the smoker. The temperature gets up very quickly, and you can also use real wood smoking chips. MB20071117 electric smoker comes with a fully insulated body, which means less heat loss with more constant temperature and ideal cooking times. In fact, this is a perfect choice for those who are living in extremely cold regions.

It is vital to keep tracking of the smoking process to get your desired flavorful food. Masterbuilt has added a built-in thermostat to help you maintain a consistent temperature for the best results. Also, there is a top-mounted digital control panel to display the essential information you need for smoking.

Opening the door leads to heat and smoke loss and also increases the time for smoking. To decrease the need for accessing the smoking chamber, this best electric smoker has a convenient chip loading function to access the wood chip pan from the side of a smoker. Last but not least, the door latch pulls the smoker door tightly shut and locks it in the right place.



2. Bradley smoker btds76p - Best Portable Electric Smoker


Bradley Smoker BTDS76P Electric Smoker
ModelBTDS76P - 990216
BrandBradley Smoker
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque MaterialStainless steel
Smoking Racks4
Wattage500 watts
Dimensions14 x 17 x 31 inches
Color CategorySilver
Cooking Capacity11" X 13" each rack
Weight57.5 Pounds
Max. Temperature320 °F

Bradley is one of the most popular brands in the cooking products industry. This Digital 4-Rack smoker by Bradley is a bright example of its durability and flawless artisanship. This compact unit comes with a polished stainless steel finish, which makes it the best electric smoker outdoor. The controls are simple with some unique features that are hard to find in contemporary electric smokers.

One of the best features of the Digital 4-Rack electric smoker is the attached generator. This feature not only improves the performance but also makes it a super-portable electric smoker. As the name refers, there are 4 cooking racks that can be adjusted manually. They offer plenty of cooking space to smoke anything you want.

It comes with a fully digital control system that is easy to use. You get full control of the time with temperature and also the smoke. The complete surface of the smoker for cooking offers up to 520 sq. Stainless steel has been used on both exterior and interior surfaces to improve the durability and life of this best electric smoker.

This smoker is fully insulated, which makes it a perfect one for flavorful smoking. Both full insulation and materials work together to offer heat retention. Another advantage of a stainless steel surface is that you can easily clean it after finishing smoking your food. Other notable features include separate burners, automatic advanced technology, and unique Bradley smoker briquettes.



3. Cuisinart cos-330 - Best Electric Smoker Under $200


Cuisinart cos 330 cheap electric smoker
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque MaterialStainless steel
Smoking Racks3
Wattage1500 watts
Dimensions22 x 19 x 37.5 inches
Color CategoryBlack
Cooking Capacity548 sq. In
Weight51.5 Pounds
Max. Temperature400 °F

Cuisinart is one of the trusted brands that have been producing high-end kitchen products for some time. This best electric smoker by Cuisinart comes with a 1500-Watt heating element that can easily quickly reach a temperature between 100-400F. It offers complete control over the heat.  Just plug the smoker, set the desired temperature, and enjoy your part with family and friends. There is an easy-to-read large dial style thermometer on the front door of the smoker to monitor the internal temperature. 

This versatile and convenient electric smoker features 3 removable chrome racks. You can easily arrange these racks for smoking whole birds as well as large cuts of meat. Though it comes with a compact footprint, it has a decent 548 square inches of interior cooking space. Such space is good enough to smoke a variety of meats along with vegetables. The best thing is these racks and trays are simple to clean.

The compact footprint makes this electric smoker an ideal choice for decks, patios, and outdoor barbecue kitchens. Inside the smoker are heating coils, three chrome racks, a secondary tray for water, and a tray for wood chips. This best electric smoker can easily smoke a whole variety of foods, including beef, chicken, seafood, ribs, fish, whole birds, and large cuts of meat. Additional accessories include a 7-piece BBQ Pit set, TriTip Grill set, and reusable non-stick smoker mats. Its elegant design with durable built construction makes it a perfect smoker for placing your modern household.



4 Char-broil Analog - Best Electric Smoker Under $300


Char-Broil Analog Electric Smoker
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque Materialinsulated steel
Smoking Racks3
Wattage1000 watts
Dimensions15 x 20.7 x 33.5 inches
Color CategoryBlack
Cooking Capacity544 sq. In
Weight59.5 Pounds
Max. Temperature400 °F

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or a newbie looking for an easy-to-use electric smoker, this char-broil analog electric smoker will never disappoint you. Screws, washers, bolts, panels, and cooking grates, each part of this best electric smoker, comes with a quality material that can last for a long time.

It is equipped with the 1000 Watt heating element along with the no-fuss controller that allows you for direct temperature adjustment. The durable door features a mounted temperature gauge to monitor the internal temperature. Also, the dual latches ensure that heat and moisture are completely sealed in the cooking chamber.

It offers a 544 square inches smoking area with 3 chrome-plated cooking grates. You can easily adjust the height and remove them to accommodate extra-large dishes such as a 14lbs rack of lamb or 20 lb of turkey. There is a decent capacity to comfortably serve a gathering of 5-10 guests.

Another nice feature of this best electric smoker is the removable grease tray, which helps to reduce flare-ups. One of the best features of a char-broil analog electric smoker is its double-wall insulation. There are also 2 exhaust ports on both sides of the smoker with side handles for moving.

The side exhausts ports offer increased temperature consistency as compared to the Vertical electric smoker. The smoker also has 4 short legs. The presetting of the smoker is user-friendly, and the user manual offers useful troubleshooting tips. Overall this is an excellent electric smoker for smoked dishes with less heating power at an affordable price.



5. Masterbuilt MB20070210 - Best Corded Electric Smoker


Masterbuilt MB20070210 Electric Smoker
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque Materialchrome-coated
Smoking Racks3
Wattage1500 watts
Dimensions20 x 21.69 x 40.15 inches
Color CategoryBlack
Cooking Capacity548 sq. In
Weight50 Pounds
Max. Temperature400 °F

This 30-inch electric smoker by Masterbuilt comes with some impressive features at such an affordable price. In fact, it is the only analog electric smoker by Masterbuilt. There is nothing fancy about this smoker, such as digital control or Wi-Fi, but the smoking quality of MES 35B is simply exceptional. Overall, using and assembling of the electric smoker is very easy.

It comes with 548 square inches of cooking space along with the 3 cooking racks. The size of the smoker is perfect for family and friends gatherings because you can easily fit 4 chickens or 1 turkey at a time. It also offers dual-wall insulation to ensure that the heat and smoker are safe in the smoker. The 1500-Watt heating element produces a temperature of 100F to 400F, which means you can easily smoke a variety of food. Also, there is a wood chip trap and water pan inside the smoker.

There is a turn-dial setting control to adjust the temperature. Infusing smoking flavor is very easy. With a wood chip tray for flavoring, a front loader water bowl for moisture, and a front access drip dray, you won’t face any issues while using this electric smoker.

Masterbuilt also offers a cold smoking attachment that perfectly fits on many smokes which are excellent to start cold smoking your own fish or cheese. Another best thing about this electric smoker is that you can select from three colors, including black, silver, and stainless.



6. Masterbuilt 20070910 30-Inch Black Electric Digital Smoker


Masterbuilt MB20070910
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque Materialchrome-coated
Smoking Racks4
Wattage1500 watts
Dimensions20 x 17 x 33.5 inches
Color CategoryBlack
Cooking Capacity730 sq. In
Weight45.8 Pounds
Max. Temperature275 °F
Warranty90 Days

Another masterpiece by Masterbuilt, this digital electric smoker, is ideal for those who are tight on budget. Featuring a powder-coated steel body, it has an integrated push-button control panel. To make it easy for you, there is a blue Led display for reading the temperature settings.

This compact electric smoker comes with 45.86 lbs of weight, which is relatively easy to move. There are 4 racks of chrome-coated racks with 730 square inches of total cooking space. It also features a thermostat to maintain the head consistent throughout the cooking process. The smoker has a removable drip pan along with the drip-catching system to make cleaning easier for you.

One of the most appealing features of this best electric smoker is the digital timer. There is a handy automatic shut-off function to help you cook your favorite food perfectly. The steel body offers full foam insulation for perfect smoked flavor.

The vent is located on the top right of the smoker. You can easily clean the removable metal parts in the dishwasher. Last but not least, the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty for this excellent electric smoker.



7. Smokehouse Little Chief Front Load Smoker- Cheap Electric Smoker


Smokehouse Little Chief Electric Smoker
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque Materialchrome-coated
Smoking Racks4
Wattage250 watts
Dimensions11.5 x 11.5 x 24.5 inches
Color CategorySilver
Cooking Capacity25 Pounds
Weight12.2 Pounds
Max. Temperature165 °F

Smokehouse has been on the market for some time. In 1968, the manufacturer introduced the Little Chief Smoker for fishermen to smoke their catch of trout, salmon, and steelhead. But with time, they had made some excellent chances to make this electric scooter best for various uses. Though the price is low and you can’t expect premium build quality but the still it is well built electric smoker.

The body is created from an embossed aluminum, which may feel flimsy but does a decent job to retain heat. Their chrome-plated grills come with an easy-to-slide function. Perhaps the most positive aspect of this best electric smoker is its grills. The drip pan and wood pan do their job perfectly. The drip pan is completely dishwasher safe and very easy to remove.

When it comes to the heating element, the Little Chef offers only 250W, which quite low as compared to other electric smokers on the market. It can reach a maximum temperature of about 165F. This is not a cooker, but a simple smoker made to smoke small cuts of meat along with the seafood.

The design is pretty simple, with a front-loaded and removable door. The four racks offer room for about 25lbs of fish. There is no thermometer or any type of control, so have to pay full attention while smoking your food. The cleaning process is straightforward as the racks and drip pan are removable. Overall, this is one of the most comfortable electric smokers available on the market that comes fully assembled.



8. Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow SH19079518 Electric Smoker


Masterbuilt Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker
ModelSmoke Hollow
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque Materialchrome-coated
Smoking Racks4
Wattage800 watts
Dimensions18.54 x 18.19 x 33.35 inches
Color CategoryBlack
Cooking Capacity450 sq. In
Weight46 Pounds
Max. Temperature270 °F

With proper wood chips, heat, and water, your food will have the best smoky flavor with a soft texture. Masterbuilt SH19079518 is the best electric smoker for both summer and winter. Though in the winter season, the smoker may take some time to heat up, it eventually will. 

The smoker comes with excellent insulation for consistent temperature.

Featuring 4 chrome coating racks, the smoker allows you to cook 2 turkeys or 9 chickens at the same time. In simple words, it is a perfect smoker for 5-6 people’s gatherings. The control panel is located on the top of the machine. You can easily track the current temperature, set a timer, or your desired level using this panel.

Using the small opening beside the control panel, you can easily control the airflow inside. One of the best features of this electric smoker is the fully insulated smoker body. Featuring an 800-watt heating element for consistent smoking, the smoker also has a removable water bowl and removable drip pan for easy cleaning after the party.



9. Masterbuilt MB20074719 - Best Bluetooth Electric Smoker


Masterbuilt MB20074719 Electric Smoker
ModelBluetooth Digital
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque Materialchrome-coated
Smoking Racks4
Wattage800 watts
Dimensions19.68 x 25.2 x 41.73 inches
Color CategoryStainless Steel
Cooking Capacity971 sq. In
Weight66 Pounds
Max. Temperature275 °F

Featuring modern smoker technologies, this best Bluetooth electric smoker by Masterbuilt creates a mouthwatering smoky flavor with zero mess. Thanks to the visual monitoring technologies that help you to monitor the food. From newbie to seasoned barbecue enthusiasts, this is a perfect gift.

One of the best features of this Masterbuilt electric smoker is handy Bluetooth. The side-loading system makes it easy to load wood chips, whereas grill and finish elements help to apply a tasty finish to ribs, finish, or homemade burgers. The comes with 4 smoking racks to provide proper room for cooking 8 racks of ribs, up to 16 chickens, and two full turkeys.

To help you monitor the food, the smoker emits a light when the door is opened. The wood chip tray comfortably slides in and out to make cleaning easy after using it. The smoker also has a front-located drip tray to catch grease and dripping.

Other notable features include a removable water bowl, a meat probe thermometer, and integrated smart control. Though the Bluetooth feature is easy to use but if you are not sure about the usage, you can read the instructions manual for your convenience.



10. Smoke Hollow 26142e 26-inch Electric Smoker


Smoke Hollow 26142E Smoker
BrandSmoke Hollow
Fuel TypeElectric
Barbeque Materialchrome-coated
Smoking Racks2
Wattage1500 watts
Dimensions16.5 x 19 x 35.5 inches
Color CategoryBlack
Cooking Capacity1.3 cu. Ft.
Weight35 Pounds
Max. Temperature325 °F

The Smoke Hollow 26142E comes with excellent features for smoking lovers. Featuring the steel cabinet that is welded along the seams, it not only keeps the heat inside the smoker but also holds the smoke where you need it. Besides the hot interior, the spring-style handle stays cool, and you can add wood chips or check your meat without burning your hand. The smoker comes with a 1500 watt heating element with adjustable and removable draft controls.

The element in this best electric smoker wraps completely around the two pans, which allows more heat to reach the meat and lower the cooking times. One of the best features of Smoke Hollow electric smokers is that they are easy to operate. Even a newbie smoker won’t face any difficulty in operating the electric smoker. You can quickly load chips through the wood chip tray.

The temperature controller comes with only four words on it, including off, low, medium, and hot. You can set the knob between low and hot where you want. Cleaning the smoker is as easy as you like. Just remove the pans along with the cooking grids and wash them in hot, soapy water and allow them to air dry. Last but not least, the manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty for this best electric smoker.



Barbeque Facts
Best Electric Smoker Infographic

Buying Guide for Best Electric Smoker

Here are the most essential aspects you should consider in the best electric smoker under 200 before making any decision.


Perhaps the prime factor to consider is the price as you are looking for the best budget electric smoker. The truth is an expensive smoker doesn’t always mean the best. It may have some luxurious features, but sometimes, it lacks the features you are looking for. But you have to sacrifice some features when buying an electric smoker under 200. They may not include additional features and tools, but still, you can find the best one for your needs.


An electric smoker must be durable and able to handle heat properly. Commonly, stainless steel is used in manufacturing electric smokers as it is very tough, easy to clean, and maintains and holds the temperature steady.

Cooking Space

Just consider how many people you are going to prepare food for? Are you going to entertain the occasional meal or a large amount of meat for more than 10 people? Now, you can make a decision to select the smoker with your needed cooking space.

Cabinets are commonly measured in the cubic feet of space inside or by the actual cooking surfaces in square inches. If there are more shelves in the cabinet, then it will indeed allow you to cook a larger quality of food.

Don’t forget to consider what type of food you are going to smoke. Are you smoker deep enough or wide enough to fit the whole rack of ribs? Or can it cope with a couple of chickens or a full turkey?


Well, when you are planning for an outdoor party with a smoked food menu, portability is your primary concern. Most electric smokers feature lightweight materials like aluminum. Also, features like wheels and carrying handles are best for portability.


An electric smoker can be either digital or analog. Digital electric smoker comes with a control panel to input your required temperature level. They also have an LED display for tracking the smoking procedure. You may find various electric smokers with a timer feature.

Analog electric smoker features a knob to set the desired temperature by turning it just like a regular oven.

Chip loader

You need to add wood chips into the electric smoker to give your food the smoky flavor. Various electric smokers have a wood chip tray that requires you to open the door for refilling the tray.

However, some smokers come with a side-loading chip tray which means not to open the door for reloading the tray. It decreases heat and smoke loss.


Typically, there are 3 to 4 racks in an electric smoker for holding your food. Remember, the number of racks depends on the smoker’s size. Some electric smokers feature height-adjustable racks to allow you configuring the firebox to fit different meals.


To make sure the food is not getting overcooked, it is essential to open the door of the electric smoker from time to time. But it may cause heat and smoke loss, which leads to temperature fluctuations. That’s why many famous electric smoker manufacturers offer the window feature for checking the food without opening the door.


Most people don’t look for a warranty when buying an electric smoker. But this feature is useful in many ways. Typically electric smokers come with a 1-3 years manufacturer warranty to ensure your product will perform correctly or you can replace or refund your money.

Best Electric Smoker Brands

When looking for a brand before making a decision to buy an electric smoker, always choose the one that specializes in kitchenware. You can easily find many famous brands offering versatile features at different price ranges. For instance, Masterbuilt is a premium electric smoker brand that is expensive than Bradley or Char-Boil. Here the best electric smoker brands with excellent features available on the market.


Without any doubt, Masterbuilt is one of the best electric smoker brands with unique features and premium built quality. One of the best features of Masterbuilt electric smokers is their reasonable price for such quality features.


Though Char-Boil has been in the business since 1885, the first Char-Boil grill was introduced into the market in 1949. This smoker brand is famous for its Tru-Infrared Technology, which is common in all Char-boil electric smokers and grills.

Smoke House

A smokehouse is another well-known brand that focuses primarily on kitchenware products. These electric smokers are the best choice for outdoor use. Typically, the smoker comes with front-loaded and 4 racks features. In fact, if you love to cook a variety of different foods, Smokehouse electric smokers are best for you.


The story of Bradley started in the 1970s when the manufacturer offered the first electric smoker. Bradley smokers are famous for excellent temperature controls and easy usage.


Perhaps the most innovative electric smoker brand on the market, Smokin-In, is best known for producing insulated smoker bodies for ideal temperature control. Not only do they ensure less heat loss but also improves the smoking rate for the best cooking experience.

Different Types Of Electric Smokers

There are different types of electric smokers on the market. Let’s take a look at these to make it easy for you.

Offset Electric Smoker

The prime feature of the offset electric smoker is the cylindrically shaped cooking chamber with a relevantly shorter and smaller diameter cylinder that is attached to the bottom for a firebox. A fire is lit in the firebox for cooking the meal where the wind current is controlled firmly. The smoke and the warmth from the fire are drawn using an opening into the cooking chamber.

Portable Electric Smoker

Designed for outdoor cooking, such a type of electric smoker comes lightweight for easy portability. A portable electric smoker also has durable handles, a small cooking surface, and wheels for convenient mobility. These smokers are excellent for camping and all outdoor gatherings.

Upright drum Electric Smoker

The upright drum smoker, also known as UDS, features an upstanding steel drum that is adjusted using the end goal of pseudo-roundabout hot smoking. There are different approaches to achieve this. But commonly, the steel drum, cooking racks, and a bushel to hold charcoal close to the base accompanied by the vented cover are frequently used in such electric smokers.

Vertical Water Smoker

A vertical water smoker is just like the upstanding drum smoker. It uses wood or charcoal to produce heat and smoke and contains a water bowl between the cooking grates and fire. Along with adding stickiness to the smoker chamber, the water bowl helps keep up a perfect smoking temperature. Also, it makes an impact where the smoke and water fume team up to add a flavor to the smoked food.

A vertical water smoker is best known for maintaining an ideal temperature in the smoking chamber. That’s why there are used in grill rivalries where electric and propane smokers are not allowed.

Pellet Smokers

Better known as a temperature-controlled smoker, the pellet smoker utilizes the wood pellet manufactured of dried-out sawdust with an inch long and ¼ inch wide length. The wood pellets are filled in the gravity-bolstered container to encourage an engine constrained by the temperature controller. Such an engine then drives the bullet into the twist drill located under the warmth box.

There is a start bar inside the twist drill to touch off the pellets where an ignition fan is there to keep them seething. This ignition fan and the engine manage the temperature of the smoker by expanding the wind current in the twist drill.

Pros and Cons of Electric Smoker

If there is an excellent side to the smoker, there are some bad things you will face with this product. Some people may recommend that the charcoal taste is way better than an electric smoker, but don’t get serious about such silly comments. Let’s make it easy for you by sharing both pros and cons of electric smokers.

Electric Smoker Pros

Just set it and forget it is a famous saying when you buy an electric smoker. Say goodbye to constant monitoring of your food as the electric smoker comes with controlled temperature settings to enjoy your party.

If you want to smoke different foods such as sausage or fish, then electrics excel. You can effortlessly convert them into a cold smoker to prepare bacon and cheese.

If you are living in a unit or an apartment where you are not allowed to use charcoal smokers, then an electric smoker is an ideal choice for you.

Electricity is less harmful to the environment as compared to burning charcoal. Researchers have proved that the nasty effects of CO and CO2 emissions from using charcoal.

Electric smokers offer both small and large spaces to prepare juicy smoked food for family and friends gathering.

Features like grease dripping tray and ashtray make cleaning easy for you.

Smart functions such as Bluetooth technology and meat-prone thermometers make it easy to enjoy perfectly smoked food with less effort.

Electric Smoker Cons

The first con of the electric smoker is that you must have a power outlet and weatherproof extension cord.

The electric smoker comes with many parts as compared to traditional smokers. It can be expensive to repair if you run into a problem.

You will not get any smoke rings.

You can use an electric smoker just like a dedicated smoke. As compared to other types of smokers which work OK in a pinch, this type of smoker cannot achieve the higher heats required to get grilling meat or crisp skin roasting a chicken.

An electric smoker means you have to compromise on some features. You have to give up a little bit in the way of flavor, but you enjoy the ease of use. Though electric smokers can prepare delicious food, other types of smokers can produce even better results.

An electric smoker is an excellent choice for enjoying juicy, smoked, and tender food, but you have to sacrifice in flavor.

Best Electric Smoker Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do Electric Smokers Work?

For new users, it can be a bit hard to understand how electric smokers work. As compared to traditional Weber smokers, where you have to fire up charcoal and add wood, electric smokers offer a lot of advanced features.

You don’t need to control the heat by limiting the oxygen flow as electric smokers feature controls to change the electricity flow. In simple words, it’s just like an oven in your kitchen but with smoke.

The smoker has a typical electric setup with the heating element located under the wood tray. Also, there is a water container on the side. With cheap electric smokers, you get less control, such as low, medium, and high. This is because of the rheostat, which controls the electricity flow.

With more advanced and expensive models, the smoker comes with internal temperature control that connects to the thermostat to provide excellent temperature control. As a result, you get better smokers and temperature results.

2. How do electric smokers make smoke?

Electricity heats up the element located at the bottom of the smoker. The wood chips are placed on the heating element where they can smolder.

3. Can I use an electric smoker in the house?

Well, electric smokers are made to be used in the house due to the smoke they produce. They need restaurant-grade extraction technology to keep the smoke away. So, you can’t use an electric smoker in the house.

4. Is propane or electric better for smoking?

Though we have already discussed the pros and cons of the electric smoker probably, you may be looking for the differences between the electric and gas smoker.

Both types of smokers have many similarities.

You don’t need to manage fire or light charcoal.

Both these smokers fall into the set it and forget it category.

Smoke is created when you add chips to the wood tray.

Besides these similarities, there are some significant differences between the two smokers. Such as charcoal or pellet smoker, gas smoker produces heat through combustion.

Such a process produces gas that gives the food its smoky flavor and unique smoke ring. Also, the smoker produces heat from the glowing element.

You won’t run out of fuel with an electric smoker unless you have a power cut. Also, these electric smokers are cheaper as compared to propane.

5. How to Get Most out of the electric smoker

After buying a new electric smoker, here are simple tips to help you prepare a delicious barbecue for the first time.

Make sure to season your smoker before preparing the food for the first time. You can check the seasoning of your electric smoker guide.

Even if your smoker has a dial-in thermostat, it is better to invest in a dual probe thermometer setup. It is because the temperature may vary a lot at various places in the smoker, so it is better to measure the air temperature right where the food is cooking.

Before you add any food, it is better to allow the smoker proper time to get up to optimum temperature first.

Always keep your smoker clean. Remove the parts, including racks, trays, and waters pan, and clean them with good cleaners.

5. Can I add water to an electric smoker?

Yes, you can easily add water to the smoker to control the control of the temperature and also the smoking process. Also, you can add seasonings and spices to the water to give the meat a little extra flavor.


3. Is it hard to clean an electric smoker?

The answer is no. Cleaning an electric smoker is one of the most straightforward processes you have gone through. Commonly, they are made from stainless steel material, which is easy to clean. All you need is to wipe the surface after using it and remove the burnt food particles. Always keep everything dry to avoid mold. You can use homemade cleaners like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solutions for such purposes.


Enjoying a lazy summer afternoon with your family and friends is perhaps the best part of the summer. Gathering your loved ones for a delicious meal is convenient when you the best electric smoker. It allows mingling and enjoying the gathering without worrying about cooking. Just like other outdoor cooking equipment, an electric smoker needs wise investment. It depends on your needs and budget to make the right decision. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, these electric smokers are easy to use and maintain while enjoying flavorful food at an affordable price.